Share Your Story

Who gave you a copy of Mennonite Community Cookbook? Was it a hand-me down? Did you buy it yourself? Perhaps your father gave it to your mother for her birthday or Valentine’s Day—a love story to share? Did your mother or grandmother get it as a wedding or a shower gift? What makes it special to you?

You can share your story at any time—or you can choose to share it for a specific contest. Check the Calendar for Contests list to plan how and when to share your story.

We hope to collect a bounty of great stories and family lore about this book and cooking traditional Mennonite foods.

Share your story in one of the following ways:
  • Write your story: Simply email your story to
  • Tell your story: If you’d rather tell your story, use the handy tool on the right side of the page. Click on the microphone and talk away! (Plan how to tell your story well, as this will certainly make it a winner!) Recording is limited to 90 seconds.
  • Snap a selfie: Grab your phone or camera and snap away: the most creative, imaginative composition involving Mennonite Community Cookbook or a dish from it will win your choice of cookbook. Post and share on Instagram and submit to our blog.
  • Share a photo: Not the selfie-taking sort? This competition will be for other types of photos. There will be opportunities to submit photos of your family’s most cherished and delicious recipe. Other times we will want to see the “worst stained, spattered, torn, burned” pages ever. What has your cookbook survived? Did the dog ever eat your cookbook (or maybe just nibble a bit)? Did it survive a tornado? A flood?
  • Create a video: Not for the faint of heart, perhaps you have a great idea for a fun video parody or cooking lesson or food set to a song—from a recipe using Mennonite Community Cookbook. Be thinking ahead: this particular competition will come later in the year and only happen twice. But the rewards and the laurels and the views will be yours to reap on YouTube and social media for years to come.