Food, faith, community

Eating together is one of the simple, basic structures of life. Sharing food, passing it, serving each other, talking about what happened at school or work helps us enter into community around the table.

Doris Janzen Longacre, author of the iconic More with Less Cookbook (Herald Press, 1976), writes “Eating with joy is eating together. Jesus hallowed the common meal when he broke bread, shared wine . . . It was at mealtime that he revealed himself as risen Lord to the two disciples from Emmaus.”

Mennonites have long married food and faith, as evidenced by Mennonite Community Cookbook and More with Less Cookbook. And why not?

Another bestselling Mennonite cookbook author, Phyllis Pellman Good, writes, “Preparing food, and eating it, is tactile. It is experiential. It insists that technology, with its utter immediacy, yet barren distances from the presence of others, will not ultimately determine the quality of our lives and relationships. Food can help to pace us . . . We can invite others to bring dishes they’ve made and join us in eating while we all unwind and renew ourselves together.” (From Center for Mennonite Writing, July 15, 2013)

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